About us in English

We are the CSC Regensburg, the only Snooker club in the area of Regensburg and Oberpfalz. Our location in the Gewerbepark Regensburg provides two full-size Snooker tables which are maintained regularly. A lot of our members compete in various tournaments and also represent the teams CSC Regensburg I and II in the local Snooker league.


Currently, about 15 people of all ages and occupations are active members of our club. We are alwas seeking for new Snooker enthusiasts and welcome everyone who is interested in joining us. Due to an own key every member over the age of 18 has unlimited access to the location and is able to play Snooker 24/7. Therefore it is even more important for every single member to take care of the cleanliness of the place and to ensure a nice familiar atmosphere for everyone. We share the location with a Pool-Billard club which provides six Pool tables.

If you are interested in becoming a member you can contact our executive Hermann Kraus:

 Tel: 0049 (0)176/ 70191319 oder E-Mail: kraushermann@gmx.net)

We are aware that not everyone has the same financial resources, so we made sure everyone who is interested in playing Snooker should be able to afford the members fee.

Full members pay 60 €, students and commuters pay 35€ and those who still attend school pay 20 €. (per month)

If you are just a visitor in Regensburg and still don’t want to miss a chance to play Snooker you can sign up for a day-membership, which will cost you 8€.

We hope to see you soon.